Machine Weft vs Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions- Top 6 Discussed Here

Machine Weft vs Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions- Top 6 Discussed Here

Machine wefts and hand-tied wefts are the two most favorite ways to increase hair length and thickness. But usually, there's a concept that hand-tied is better than machine wefts, but machine wefts have some merits that make them better than hand-tied wefts. Want to know all of them? Let's begin!

In Which Ways Machine Weft Is Better Than Hand-tied?

1. It Is Less Costly:

Machine weft is less expensive because it's made by sewing hair strands together using a machine. It allows faster production and lower labor costs. On the other hand, hand-tied weft requires more time and skill to create because it is made by tying each hair by hand. The required skill and time make it a more costly option.

2. Durable and Resilient:

In machine wefts, machine stitching creates a stronger bond between hair and weft, making it resistant to daily wear and tear. It makes machine wefts durable and less prone to shedding than hand-tied ones.

3. It Allows Time-efficient Installation: 

Machine weft hair extensions are easier and faster to install than hand-tied ones. The thicker weft allows for larger sections to be applied at once, reducing the overall installation time. It can benefit hairstylists or individuals who prefer a faster application process.


Machine Weft vs Hand Tied Weft Extensions

4. It Offers More Volume:

Machine weft tends to have a thicker and denser appearance than hand-tied weft. When installed, the machine stitching creates a compact weft that provides a fuller look. It can help individuals with fine or thin hair who desire more volume. 

5. You Can Have It Available In Various Hair Types:

Machine weft is available in various hair types, textures, and colors. Due to its cost-effectiveness and popularity, many manufacturers produce machine-weft extensions in various options, allowing for greater versatility in styling and customization.

6. It Lasts Longer:

Machine weft hair extensions are known for their durability and can last several months with proper care. because of their sturdy weft   On the other hand, with hand-tied weft extensions, the wefts are more delicate and may need to be replaced more frequently.

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It's important to note that while machine weft offers certain advantages, hand-tied weft also has its own benefits. The hand-tied weft is known for its lightweight and natural look, as the hair strands are individually tied by hand. Moreover, the hand-tied weft can be more flexible and comfortable to wear, as it conforms to the hair's natural movement. The choice between machine weft and hand-tied weft ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget, and desired outcomes.

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