Genius Wefts vs Hand Tied Wefts -  Top 7 FAQ and Table Comparison

Genius Wefts vs Hand Tied Wefts - Top 7 FAQ and Table Comparison

Genius wefts are the recent hair trend, and there's hype claiming it as one of the best wefts that cover all flaws that any other weft could have. "But does it actually?" "Is genius weft better than hand-tied?" These are the questions by hand-tied wefts wearers. So, if you also wear hand-tied wefts and want answers to these questions, this article is for you. 

Considering the most asked factors, we are comparing the genius weft and hand-tied wefts. Let's start!

Is Genius Weft Better Than Hand-tied? Top 7 Questions Answered

Which One Is Customizable? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

Yes, what you have heard is true; genius weft can be cut from anywhere, and it will not unravel. On the other hand, the hand-tied weft is not customizable; if you cut it, it will start unraveling into piles of individual strands. 

And the reason is genius weft is tightly compiled by machine, not each strand knotted on the weft like hand-tied weft. 

If you are a beginner and wondering how hand-tied weft can be applied to a client's head if it can't be cut from anywhere. The hand-tied weft is sewn on the thinnest track to be stacked and folded to fit the client's head. 

Which One Is Less Tangling or Comfortable to Wear? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

The technique of making hand-tied wefts leaves shorter hair near the top of the weft, aka return hair or folded over hair. Usually, it's not a big deal. But women with sensitive scalps feel that "return hair" is itchy and irritated on the scalp. Sometimes, it causes weft tangling with natural hair. But there's no such tangling-wearing genius weft as it does not have return hair.    

Which One Has A Thicker Seam? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

Regarding the thickness of seams, the genius weft is thinner than the hand-tied weft. The genius weft is only 0.5-0.7mm thick and 1mm tall, making it much thinner than hand-tied wefts, which are about 0.76mm thick and 1.16mm tall. 

Which One Is Denser? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

Knowing that the hand-tied weft seam is thicker, there is a concept that hand-tied weft will be denser than genius weft. But actually, the genius weft is denser. It is best for adding length and thickness to hair.

Which One is Lightweight? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

Although both are lightweight options, the genius weft is made by machine and contains more hair per weft which makes the hand-tied weft more lightweight in comparison. 


Which One Has More Durable Construction? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

If we judge it on the basis of which one will shed upon cutting, then genius wefts win, as you read above. 

But let's also see it from a different angle. When it comes to longevity, hand-tied wefts are known to last longer than genius wefts. With proper maintenance and care, hand-tied weft extensions can last anywhere from 4 months to up to a year. On the other hand, genius wefts are thinner and lighter, making them more comfortable to wear, but they are also more dense than hand-tied extensions, which means they may not last as long.

Which One Is More Flexible To Lay Against The Scalp? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

 Hand-tied wefts are designed to be flexible and move with natural hair. They lay flat against the scalp and are less likely to cause tension or discomfort. This flexibility reduces the risk of breakage or damage to the natural hair. Genius wefts, although durable, may cause more tension and stress on the scalp and hair if not installed or maintained properly.

Which One Can Be Applied More Quickly? Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

Genius wefts are usually applied using various methods like sewing, beading, or tape. They can be installed more quickly due to their larger size. Hand-tied wefts are typically applied using a beading or braiding technique. They require more time and precision during installation because of their smaller size and delicate construction.

Is Genius Weft Better Than Hand-tied? Tabular Comparison Based on Top 7 Factors


Genius Weft

Hand-tied Weft


Yes, can be cut from anywhere

No, cannot be cut

Return Hair

No return hair

Presence of return hair

Suitable for Sensitive Scalp

Suitable for sensitive scalp

May cause irritation for some

Tangling with Natural Hair

No tangling with natural hair

May tangle with natural hair

Thickness of Seam

Thinner seam

Thicker seam


More dense

Less dense


Comparatively heavier

More lightweight


May last less 

Lasts longer with proper maintenance

Scalp Compatibility

May cause tension and stress if not installed properly

Flexible and less likely to cause tension

Application Time

Requires less time

Requires more time and precision

Now you can decide what is better for you between genius weft and hand-tied weft. According to your choice, you can explore the world-class wefts here.


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