KmXtend- The Story of The Brand

KmXtend Hair


At KmXtend Hair, we empower women to feel confident and beautiful with premium-quality hair extensions for all budgets. Serving salons, top stylists and a thriving community, our passion goes beyond hair, as we help women express their individuality and creativity. Trendy, innovative, and affordable, KmXtend is reinventing a wholly modern approach to the hair market. We bring together salon-quality and client-tested hair extensions, with the aim to set the mark for a new industry standard. With a firm belief in all our products, we’re the place to unlock the power of imagination through luscious locks of hair.


Our Promise


As a top hair extension brand, our extensions are made from 100% ethically sourced human remy hair and use only the utmost highest quality material for a luxurious experience. We promise that nothing but quality workmanship goes into every last product, which is something any consumer or salon owner can be glad to hear.

Our hair  retains the full cuticle intract and never use an acid bath during the manufacturing process. Our hair will maintain it’s smoothness and shine even after several washes as our hair is never coated in silicone. All our hair is ethically sourced and single donor.

 Kmxtend brand story

Besides our commitment to top quality products, we proudly offer something for everyone at a reasonable price point. Weather you’re celebrating a special day or helping a client update her daily look, we’re dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards and developing longlasting extensions that bring a touch of luxury and glam. It is with so much gratitude that we get to be part of your hair story and we don’t take it for granted!


Our Story


KmXtend launched in 2020 at a time where salons were having a hard time accessing quality hair extensions. Salon owners and professional hairstylists alike complained about the inconsistencies and inconveniences of the hair extensions offered on the market. Simply put, it was hard to find the perfect mix of quality, affordability, and experience. And so, KmXtend was born. With a solution in hand for salon owners and hairstylists, we decided to extend the love to consumers. Committed to building a community, we offered incredibly favorable terms to salon owners, and our little business has been growing ever since. Our founder, a life-long cosmetologist, has a passion for supplying quality products she can feel good about and stand behind. It’s not without a lot of joy that she can share high-quality products that stylists and consumers love to wear, and tell their friends about. Today, our hair extensions for both professionals and extension wearers, are changing the way women feel and shop for this must-have accessory. With a high customer service and a commitment to offering luxury products, KmXtend makes it easy for you to own the night or the day with confidence and beauty through hair. As the brand continues to grow, our commitment to empowering women to feel confident and beautiful with premium-quality hair extensions for all budgets will remain the same. We’re here to bring the best to the hair market and we’ll be doing it with a lot of love, luxury and glam — welcome!

brand story