Where does the hair come from?

Luxury Quality Hair Extensions

We've built our business from word of mouth and offering high quality products with a superior customer experience.
The foundation of our business is  deeply  creative and individualistic, with a passion for the hair and beauty business.

We understand the most important aspect of human hair extensions is QUALITY!  
Your choice in hair extensions can make or break your salon’s chances of repeat business.

The age old standard “You get what you pay for” is basically true…
Except with us, you get what you pay for, and A WHOLE LOT MORE.
That’s why all of the hair extensions we provide are of the highest quality and origins, so you can rest assured that you’re getting high quality consistently.
We make sure our products go above and beyond the set standards for high end hair extensions.
With KmXtend, you are getting the good stuff…

We import hair from South Russia and Mongolian areas directly to the manufacturing facility that we use in China. 

The factory workers are 30-40 ages experienced technical workers who have been in hair industry for over 10 years, very professional in making hand tied products, they are working in safe working environment and work 8 hours per day, they have weekends each week, Saturday and Sunday, then our workers can spend time with their families and friends.   

Feel free to reach out  with any questions :) 

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