Why Stylists Are Switching to Genius Wefts from Hand-Tied Wefts

Why Stylists Are Switching to Genius Wefts from Hand-Tied Wefts

Genius wefts are hair extensions are a stylists new best friend. Let's find out why. 

Genius weft extensions combine benefits of both hand tied and machine weft, which means their flawless formation contains the good qualities of both types of wefts without their unfavored features. Look at genius wefts features below, that are also the reasons why stylists prefer it.

Hand-tied extensions are made by hand, so they have flatter seam, but they are less durable and less bulky, which means they contain less hair. Women prefer it because its installation does not cause unevenness or bumps on the head.

Machine wefts are made with machines, so it is more durable and contains more hair but has a thicker seam that feels unnatural when wefts are stacked. Women prefer it if their focus is getting long-lasting wefts.


Hand tied wefts are about .76mm thick and 1.16mm tall. the genius wefts are about .78mm thick and 1.71 mm tall.  The genius wefts are still very thin. 


You Can Reuse Genius Wefts:

Like handtied wefts, genius wefts are machine-made, so it is long-lasting, durable, and stronger than hand-tied wefts. In other words, you can reuse the genius wefts.

It Has No Return Hair ( tiny hairs on top aka the mustache):

Genius wefts have no return hair or hair beard. It is the hair that wraps around the weft string in hand-tied extensions. Return hair can tangle into natural hair or cause itchiness rubbing against the scalp. To avoid this kind of complaint from clients, stylists recommend genius wefts.  

They Can Be Cut from Anywhere:

Genius wefts offer versatility and a natural look in styling as stylists can cut them from anywhere. It will not unravel like hand-tied extensions. Hand tied wefts have to be folded in order to fit properly. If you cut the hand-tied weft, it will be destroyed  because it will unravel and become useless. While with genius wefts stylists can freely cut them according to the person's head size for a custom application.


These Wefts Shed Less:

Genius wefts do not shed as quickly as hand-tied wefts. Moreover, it offers the benefits of machine wefts too.


Cost Savings- Genius wefts actually cost less to produce since they are not made by hand. You can pass these savings onto your client. The luxury hair is still the same long lasting cuticle aligned remy hair.


Where To Purchase the Best Genius Wefts?

Let's save your money that will be wasted in trying different genius wefts and get to know about us, the KmXtend. It is a brand that celebrities, salons, and influencers love, and you surely would not like to skip it. 




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