The Advantages of Choosing Small Independent Hair Extension Brands

The Advantages of Choosing Small Independent Hair Extension Brands

In the dynamic world of hair extensions, it's easy to be swayed by the allure of well-established brands and their flashy marketing. Yet, beneath the surface lies a realm of hidden treasures – independent hair extension brands. These smaller, often lesser-known brands offer a host of benefits that extend beyond just hair enhancement.   

Buying services and products from smaller  indy brands gives you, as a customer, exciting benefits that bigger brands can't offer, for real! Surprised? Read ahead! 



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Why Buy from Smaller Brands? 


  1. Less Overhead= Lower Prices For You

In larger hair extension brands, prices are usually set at a national or global level. Mostly, this creates a hard-to-afford situation. Usually, big brands set higher prices to indicate that they are providing quality products.  They also have much larger overhead for real estate, sales and admin staff, and large advertising budgets. Who do you think it paying for all of that overhead? 

Smaller and best-quality hair extension brands adapt products and services that are suitable for most people's budgets. Mainly, they offer higher quality products like bigger brands but without overcharging.

The best part is smaller brands are not controlled by anyone else, which means you will get the best prices.


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  1. You Know Who You Are Buying From 

"Not controlled by anyone else" means when purchasing from small best, quality hair extensions brands, you often directly deal with the business owners or brand founders themselves.  

They live for their customers, come forward to give recommendations and advice, and build relationships with them. 

In other words, your complaints are heard by smaller brands because you know who you are buying from. While in larger brands or enterprises, a customer has to go through a long procedure to convey their say.    


  1. Provides Better and Personalized Customer Service

Larger brands are happy until they can show high sales. The abundance of customers doesn't let them concentrate on giving each customer good customer service. 

While smaller best, quality hair extensions brands rely on word of mouth. Their recommendations and advice lead to better, personalized, hands-on, and memorable customer experience. 



  1. Offers Product Diversity

Compared to larger brands, small best, quality hair extensions brands tend to offer more diversification to stand out from other small businesses. It leads to you having more variety of a product, like numerous colors of a single type of hair extension. You can usually customize and order to your liking. 


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 5. Supporting Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Purchasing from small independent hair extension brands is a way to support the entrepreneurial spirit. These brands are often founded by individuals who are deeply passionate about hair and beauty. By choosing their products, you're contributing to their dreams and aspirations. Your purchase goes beyond just obtaining hair extensions – it's a vote of confidence for these entrepreneurs and their commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service.


6. Aligning with Values and Ethics:

Choosing an independent hair extension brand provides an opportunity to align your purchase with your values and ethics. Many smaller brands prioritize using ethically sourced hair and deep values.  They also tend to embrace practices, ensuring that everyone involved in the production process is treated fairly. By supporting such brands, you're not only enhancing your appearance but also making a positive impact on the industry and the world.


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