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Which Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions?

Women have the perception that celebrities are the most perfect people on the planet. The looks they provide surely suggest that, but the celebrities are people just like all of us, with body and hair issues.

When it comes to hair in particular, if you think that their long voluminous and long hair is natural, you are wrong. They have hair problems, and often boost their hairstyles and hair looks using extensions. Hair extensions can completely transform a look, and they are a great and instant solution. For our regular eye, we might not notice which celebrities and when they wear the extensions. This is the list of the biggest celebrities that wear hair extensions:

Kim Kardashian

Kim K. has always been a fan of long hair and transformations. The volume and the length are something she gets by using extensions. And she has shared that with her followers, quite openly.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is known as a big fan of hair extensions. She has shown many different hair looks, and all of them are done with hair extensions.

Jennifer Lopez

  1. Lo. is very well known for her curvy body and beautiful looks. She has always been quite consistent with hair color - either lighter or a darker shade of brown. But did you know that she often wears hair extensions? During many appearances, her seductive long locks are not her natural hair. She keeps them very natural-looking, that one can find it hard to notice that they are extensions.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has flaunted and wrote the hair history with one of the most famous 90s hairstyles, known as “The Rachel”. However, during the time, she moved away from that look and frequently uses extensions that transform her look. Her blonde and brown balayage is something that is achieved with extensions.


When it comes to fashion and style, Beyoncé is the number one icon.  Her hair is always on point, with the curls accentuated to perfection. Her signature look is the wind blowing her hair. The bounciness of the curls and the hair generally comes from the hair extensions.

Kylie Jenner

The beauty mogul is not afraid to show off her extensions in many videos she shares on social media. She quite often transforms her hair in many different colors and achieves very appealing looks. From extra long hair to long braids, the extensions are Kylie's go-to hair look.

Addison Rea

This established influencer has wore many brands of extensions. One brand being KmXtend Hair Extensions  :) See blog post. 

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