What To Do If You Want to Wear Clip-in Extensions Every Day

What To Do If You Want to Wear Clip-in Extensions Every Day

Clip-ins are quick, temporary hair extensions that save you time and money. You can apply them in minutes without a trip to the salon. The length, fullness, and hair styling versatility clip-in hair extensions offer have made everyone fall for them. 

Women have started wearing it every day, but those without any precautions have damaged their hair badly. So, to save your hair, we are here to tell you what to do if you want to wear clip-in hair extensions daily.

6 Things to Know If You Want to Wear Clip-in Human Hair Extensions Everyday

  1. Brush Clip-in Extensions Gently:

Once you've installed your clip-in hair extensions, minimize the combing or brushing to avoid unnecessary tension at the roots. Whenever you need to brush hair, hold the weft to the roots and brush hair starting from the ends and working the way up.

Also, don't touch the hair repeatedly to prevent tangles and extension slips.

  1. Don't Sleep with Clip-ins on:

We all turn and toss while sleeping; this tugs and pulls the natural hair strands. It hurts the hair roots and causes hair breakage.

Not only does it damage the natural hair, but it also wears out the clip-in extensions soon. So, removing clip-ins should be your first step when you plan to go into bed.

  1. Apply Clip-ins Accurately:

When you install clip-in extensions every day, clips of them are installed in almost the same place. 

So, to avoid any damage, make sure every time you install them, each clip has a sufficient and equal amount of natural hair to distribute the extension weight evenly.

Also, regularly check up on the hair to ensure it isn't breaking off at the installation site. Moreover, it would be best if you considered changing the clip-in installation one inch below or above the usual installation site to prevent putting pressure on the same hair daily. 

If clip-in extensions are installed incorrectly, it can lead to traction alopecia, hair breakage, and even hair loss due to repeated strain on the hair follicle.  



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  1. Remove Clip-in Extensions Gently:

Removing clip-in extensions is just unsnapping the clips. But doing it in a hurry can cause hair breakage. Before clip-ins out of your hair, confirm that any natural strands are not wrapped around the clips and entangled in them. It will avoid any possible damage.

That's why swimming, showering, and physical activities are not recommended to avoid complicating the removal of clip-ins.

  1. Maintain Natural Hair:

When you want to wear clip-in hair extensions daily, your natural hair should be your top priority.  

Keep your usual hair care on schedule. Take off your clip-ins, shampoo, and condition your hair consistently. Don't skip leave-in conditioner, oil treatments, and protein treatments to keep the hair nourished, strong, and healthy. To avoid heat-related problems, minimize the use of heat-styling tools like flat iron and curling irons. 

We advise that if your scalp feels irritated, pause a few days from clip-ins installation and massage the irritated area with a carrier oil, i.e., coconut oil.

  1. Buy Quality Clip-ins

Having quality clip-ins have a major impact on how well they are installed. First, quality clip-ins have real human hair, so these do not absorb oil from natural hair and don't leave it dry. Second, quality clip-ins have pressure-sensitive snap clips that grip on hair securely and comfortably. Third, quality clip-ins clips have medical-grade color coverage, so there is no allergic reaction on sensitive scalps. So, you can wear them every day without any fret. 

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