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What Are Injection Tape Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become the quickest and the most common way for doing some temporary changes to your look. They give the freedom of switching colors and styles, and they are the solution that you have been looking for.

The hair market today offers an abundance of different hair extensions, which are specifically created for different requirements and hair types. The tape-in extensions are one of the most popular and demanded solutions. For all those who would love to have a thicker and more voluminous hair, sleek and natural look, the tape-in extensions are the right choice.

As the tape-in extensions have been very demanded and required, the hair industry has gone even one step further, providing an even more seamless hair extension experience for its customers. It comes in the form of Injection Tape-in Extensions.

What are injection tape-in extensions?

Injection tape in hair extensions strips is injection molded to allow for the extensions to securely attach to your hair comfortably. Unlike ordinary tape, the front of each tape is injected with hair. So when your wear it, the hair seems to grow from your own scalp as skin weft, making the extensions less visible, giving the appearance of natural hair growth from the root.

This is an excellent solution for all those who are looking to make their hair, with extensions, look as natural as possible. This even affects when the hair is super sleek. The tape-in is greatly pressed to the hair, without standing out and providing the best possible look. Another great thing comes to those who love wearing a ponytail. With this type of hair tape-in extension, the pony will be perfect.

injection tape hair extensions, injected tape seamless

What are the benefits of Injection tape-in extensions?

The injection tape-in extensions come with great benefits which apply also to the look and the care. These are the biggest benefits of choosing injection tape-in extensions:

  • Easy to apply and remove;
  • Invisible and look more natural;
  • Lay flat to the head, no knots can be seen;
  • They do not do any damage to your hair if installed and removed properly;
  • They are very easy to style, curl, or color;
  • They feel much more comfortable on the hair than any other hair tape-in extensions.




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