What are Flat Weft Hair Extensions?

What are Flat Weft Hair Extensions?

What are flat  ,aka hybrid, weft hair extensions?


Flat hair extensions are also known as hybrid, or ribbon, hair extensions. What makes them special is that they combine the seamless blend and comfort of a hand-tied weft and the long-lasting durability of a machine bonded weft.  The combination of these two popular and flexible types of wefts makes the hybrid wefts an easy solution that can be tailored to different hairstyles and hairstyle needs. No hairstyle is impossible with the hybrid weft extension. Whether you are looking for the lovely beach waves or structured updos, braids, and ponytails, the flat hybrid wefts extensions are the best of the best.


What makes the flat wefts different from the other hair extensions?


What makes the flat weft extensions stand out from the other extensions is their customizable design. This means that each hybrid weft can be cut to perfectly fit the head shape, without the worry of unraveling. This is because the machine bond keeps the weft intact. With that comes the space, availability, and the freedom to customize each separate install, according to personal wants, wishes, and needs.  The flat wefts are one of the safest types of hair extensions on the market today.

It is secured onto the natural hair, using silicone lined microbeads that form a track. The curtain of hair is then custom cut into different lengths and layered onto the trackand stitched in, similar to the method of hand tied wefts. 

Also, that is what makes them so unique and appropriate for different hairstyle needs as well as hairstyle types. Let's get deeper into what makes the flat weft extensions an excellent choice.


            They provide full movement


The flat wefts extensions provide full and easy movement. No matter if they are up or down, straight or curly, these extensions can be worn however you like.


            They are seamless and comfortable


Wearing hair extensions should be as natural as possible. That is why hybrid wefts are an excellent option. They lay flat on the head, providing a flawless natural blend.


            They add lots of volume


Another pretty important reason why women choose hair extensions is because of the volume it provides on the hair. With the hybrid weft extension, there is not only volume, but they will provide lots of lush volume.


         There is no itchy "mustache" like on the hand tied extensions


One of the biggest complaints on the hand tied are the short little hairs on the top which can be itchy.  The flat wefts allow for a more natural and comfortable application. 


How are the hybrid weft extensions installed?


The hybrid hair extensions are installed by sewing a weft of hair onto a track of silicone beads. This process is done without the use of chemicals or adhesives. 




The application time of hybrid weft extensions can vary from 30 minutes to 3+ hours to install, depending on the number of rows needed and placement desires & skill.


The hybrid weft extensions are considered a long-lasting hair solution, with a needed and suggested maintenance every 6-8 weeks.


How do you properly care for and maintain your hybrid hair wefts?


The good and long-lasting look of the hybrid hair wefts depends on proper maintenance and care. These are some useful tips that will keep the weft and the hair good looking and healthy:


  1. The hybrid weft hair extensions should be brushed 2-3 times a day, with a special extension brush. Start from the ends and work upwards.


  1. The hybrid weft hair extension should be washed once or twice a week using a sulfate-free shampoo.


  1. Always use a heat protectant product.


  1. Avoid Salt and chlorinated water since they damage the extensions.


  1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase and wear the hair in a loose braid or ponytail.



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