The Top "Do's and Don'ts" Of Tape-in Extensions to Read Before Installation

The Top "Do's and Don'ts" Of Tape-in Extensions to Read Before Installation

Tape-in extensions are renowned in the market because of how comfortable, natural, and safe they are. If you are new to tape-in extensions or your previous installation lasted only a short time, this article is for you. 

Reading these dos and don'ts of tape-in extensions before installation will ensure you will avoid any mistakes right after tape-in installation and during the whole installation period. 

Top "Do's and Don'ts" Of Tape-in Extensions to Keep Your Tape-in Extensions Shiny and Last Longer


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Do's Of Tape-in Extensions 

After application, the glue used in the tape needs time to strengthen its bond to hold on to hair for longer. So, wait 48 hours to wash the hair after the invisible tape-in installation.

Wait to air dry your hair 80% before you dry your hair with heat. It will ensure that tape has fully strengthened its bond again after washing. 

Brush your hair before shampooing to avoid severe tangles. Whenever you brush your seamless tape-in extensions, hold extensions with one hand and brush with the other. Start brushing/detangling from ends first, then towards up.

While sleeping, make a simple 3-strand braid. It will save your hair from frizz, tangles, and dryness and mainly from unnecessary stress on natural hair where tape-ins are installed.






Use only sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Our recommended products for extenions is the B3 Brazliian Bond Builder Trio. 

Don'ts Of Tape-in Extensions 

Check your shampoo and conditioner, and make sure silicon is not present. Because silicon creates a waterproof coating on hair strands and makes them slippery, it shortens the time for seamless tape-in extensions to stay installed. 

Similarly, don't use leave-in conditioners, oils, or oily products on the tab or near the tape tab of invisible tape-in extensions.

Refrain from using excessive heat like flat iron directly over the tab. It can weaken the tape bond, shorten the installation, or even melt the tape in hair and cause irreversible damage. 

Never sleep with wet tape hair extensions. It can cause the bonds to slip, easily create tangles in the hair, and cause a musty smell.

Avoid over-washing your hair. It can strip the natural oils that hair needs to look healthy and grow, but it also shortens the bond's longevity.  Keep the ends oiled since it doesn't get the natural oils from your scalp.

Do not brush your  tape-in extensions more than twice a day. Over-brushing can loosen the bond's grip on extensions' hair, and it will start falling out. It can wear out the extensions early.

To sum it up

If you want your invisible tape-in extensions to last longer and have shine in them, other than taking care, these should be of high quality. But whom to trust? Don't look any further than us, KmXtend. We are reputed among salons, celebrities, and influencers of cities across the USA because of our unparalleled hair extension selection.

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