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Best Hair Extensions & Lashes!

Best Hair Extensions & Lashes

Why Models Choose Clip in Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions

Did you ever notice models' hair incredibly longer or fuller in a professional photo? Typically they choose temporary clip in hair extensions for these shoots vs permanent hair extensions. Professional models are known for their impeccable body measures. However, not all models are graced with long, luscious, and seductive hair....

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How to Install Clip in Hair Extensions

how to install clip in hair extensions

If you're looking for a quick easy video explaining how to install your clip in hair extensions by KmXtend, check out this video by Brooke Lily Brazelton.   

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Long hair upcoming hairstyle trends and styles for 2021

Long hair upcoming hairstyle trends and styles for 2021
With every new year and season, the hair trends change and deliver something new that will be trendy and demanded for the upcoming year. Although we still don't know what 2021 will bring, the hair trends have already been set up, and for those with long hairs, there are a lot of options to try and enjoy the looks.
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