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Summer Care for your Hand Tied Extensions

How to care for your hand tied extensions?

Summer is just around the corner and with that comes the hot summer weather. The sun, although it brings so much positivity into our daily mood, can be harmful to the skin and the hair. Since you can keep your skin protected with the use of suitable SPF cream, the hair and the hair extensions for that matter are a completely different story. They need to be properly taken care of so that they can maintain their good look and not become damaged.

The best way to protect your hand-tied hair extensions is to keep to the following tips and suggestions, that will keep them looking healthy and long-lasting.

Protect your hair when swimming

Swimming in the summer is one of the best ways to cool off and relax. However, the hair extensions do require a bit more precaution and need to be protected before going into the water. What matters is to protect the bond where the extensions meet your natural hair. Water and moisture from sweat and salt can wear away at the bonds of the hair extensions, so they must be immediately dried.  The best way to protect the hair extensions and avoid tangles is to put the hair into a low bun or braid.

Avoid sea salt sprays

It is important to avoid using sea salt sprays near the roots of the hair extensions. If you still want to use it to achieve the famous beach waves, use it only on the mid-length to the ends of the extensions and avoid the roots.

Keep sunscreen away

The contact with oils from lotion and sunscreen can weaken the root of the extensions and can also discolor your extensions into a pink or orangy color. It is suggested to keep the hands clean from this product when touching your hair.  Extensions react to the chemical avobenzine in the sunscreen.  It's very hard to reverse, even with a clarifying shampoo.   You should opt ofor a natural zinc or mineral based suncreen instead to avoid any discolorations. 






Brush them regularly

During the summertime, it is important to brush the extensions regularly to keep them from tangling and getting knotted. There are special brushes that will help you avoid nagging at the tape or bond. Put special focus on the ends of the extensions.

Use conditioner

Although they might be extensions, they still need proper hydration during the summertime. The heat from the sun, the chemicals in the pool, salt, and sweat can dry the hair extensions. To preserve the good look of the extensions, use conditioner every time after shampooing. It should be applied all over the hair, except for the roots where the connection to the natural hair is.

With these tips, you will protect your hair extensions in the summer.