Must have tools for stylists installing hand tied extensions

Must have tools for stylists installing hand tied extensions

Hand-tied extensions have become one of the most required and desired extensions among women.  And there is a reason for that too. The hand-tied extensions look much more natural than the other types of extensions. In general, the hand-tied extensions work for alot of hair types. When they are well inserted in the hair. you can wear different hairstyles and even put your hair up in a pony. Still, the extensions will not be visible and everything will look as it is from the natural hair.

The process of hand-tied extensions installation is pretty easy and comfortable. However, there are certain tools that you need to have so that the results are the best and look flawless. Here is a list of all the styling and must-have tool for an easy and successful hand-tied extensions installation:

Quality hair

The quality of the hair weft that will be used for the extensions is crucial for a good look and good results. The high-quality hair looks natural and lasts longer than the other hair types.

Cutting Shears

Cutting shears are an essential and must-have tool. They are needed to cut the extension hair and blend it with the client's hair. A good pair of shears are perfect for extensions because they can handle thicker cuticles and cut through the extensions.

Blending Shears

Blending shears, also known as thinning or texture shears are also must-haves for extensions. They are great for blending and creating seamless cur and style.


Beads are needed to secure the thread for the hand-tied extensions, and they come in different colors.


Securing the beads comes with the use of pliers. Also, it is a needed tool for removing or moving up the extensions.

Hair clips

Hair clips secure and section the hair, and they are the key to flawless hair extension installation.


Thread secures the hand-tied extensions, in the correct and right way. It also comes in a variety of colors.


Owning a variety of combs is essential for perfect sectioning and parting the hair. Combing the extensions is imperative for a good look and easy installation.

Extension brush

The extension brushes are great for brushing the extension hair and the entire hair after the installation is finished.

With the right use of these tools, the hand-tied extensions will look beautiful, flawless, and natural.

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