Machine Weft Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Let's Know The Top Ones Today

Machine Weft Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Let's Know The Top Ones Today

A type of hair extension made by sewing hair strands together using a machine onto a weft is called machine weft hair extension. While machine weft is favored for its advantages, it also has drawbacks. We are discussing all of it today to help you decide better.

Pros of Machine Weft Hair Extensions 


Machine wefts are generally less expensive than hand-tied or genius wefts and individually placed extensions like tape-ins. Being budget friendly is the most plus point of machine wefts. 

Quick Installation:

Machine wefts are easy to handle and take less time to install than other methods like fusion or i tips. Machine wefts help you get a quick, time-saving hair transformation by a hairstylist. 


Machine stitching ensures that the hair strands are securely attached to the weft. It reduces the likelihood of shedding or hair loss and makes machine wefts stand out as one of the most durable hair extensions. 


Machine Weft Hair Extensions


Machine wefts come in various lengths, colors, and textures, allowing you to choose the style that best matches your natural hair. They offer versatility in styling options, including curling, straightening, and coloring.


Machine weft extensions provide good overall coverage and can add significant volume to your hair. They are ideal for those looking to achieve a fuller and thicker appearance. They work well on thick hair. 

Cons of Machine Weft Hair Extensions 


If you use thick wefts or apply too many, machine wefts can feel bulky and heavy. It leads to discomfort or tension at the scalp. 

Limited Flexibility: 

Although machine wefts offer versatility in choosing, heat styling, and coloring, however, due to the structure of machine wefts, they may not be as flexible as other types of extensions. It can make them less suitable for hairstyles requiring a lot of movement or updos requiring a more natural drape.

Visible Tracks: 

With machine weft hair extensions, there’s a chance that the weft tracks can become visible, especially if the hair is worn in an updo or pulled back tightly. The wefts are more bulky than hand tied or genius types so it could be visible on thinner hair.  It can compromise the seamless blend between natural hair and extensions. However, whether the tracks will be visible or not depends on the installation method and the extensions’ placement. 


Like any other weft extensions, machine weft extensions require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. It includes brushing, detangling, and proper care to prevent tangling or matting.

So, Are you planning to purchase machine wefts?

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