Looking to add false lashes? These new and modern reasons will set you for it!

Looking to add false lashes? These new and modern reasons will set you for it!

As unimportant as it might sound, the lashes have become a defining piece of any makeup look. Lately, the trends show that you can go out without a foundation, but certainly not without well-done lashes. Especially now, in a time of the pandemic, where the eyes are the only things on our face visible and worth doing makeup on. That is why many girls and women are going for false lashes – a nice addition to a look that has a lot of interesting benefits.

False lashes are a quick and temporary solution to adding definition and texture to the eyes. They come as a highly recommended choice for those who like some lash benefits: length, boldness, thickness, texture, and definition. Besides the regular pros of why you should choose false lashes aka falsies, here are some more modern and interesting reasons that will inspire you to try them out.

No more running mascara

No matter if you a personally emotional, or you just have teary eyes, the false lashes will save you of the uncomfortable black running lines down your face. Whether the tears come from crying or laughing out loud, the false lashes will stand still, uninterrupted, and in excellent shape, as well as your makeup.

No more morning rush

One big step up and the time-consuming thing is switching from mascara to false lashes. As they are pretty easy to put on and off, you don't even need to waste the time of doing them at home. You can put them on in the car or even when you get to work.

They will make you look extra

There are those days when you just want to give a bit more with your look, but not overdo it. Here is when the falsies come up. They will make your eyes pop up and look more appealing, fresh, and beautiful.

They hide the signs of aging

The first signs of aging appear just around the eyes, in the form of small wrinkles. The false lashes have the power to hide them, making the eyes look more open and youthful.

They will make you Insta ready

Instead of using filters, use false lashes. You will look fabulous and natural with your new set of false lashes and your eyes will definitely pop out in the photos. You will most certainly gain lots of likes and positive comments!


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