Learn Which Wig Is Most Suitable for You | 4-Minute Easy Guide to Wigs by KmXtend

Learn Which Wig Is Most Suitable for You | 4-Minute Easy Guide to Wigs by KmXtend


When you are a new wig wearer, every wig seems promising until you try it. 

But we know no one wants to waste their hard-earned money and time in which they can do something productive rather than trying different wigs. So, we, KmXtend, have created this 4-minute easy guide to wigs for you. The guide will include the pros and cons of each wig type, price comparison, and usage (e.g., which one is best for alopecia or which for the photo shoot). So, let's start!

Introduction To Different Types of Wigs - Pros and Cons

Let's get introduced to the most demanded and in-trend wigs. 

  1. Machine Wig
  2. Lace Front Wig
  3. Full Lace Wig
  4. Silk Top Wig 
  5. Medical Grade Wig 
  1. Machine wig: 

Machine-wig, as the name suggests, is made via machine by attaching wefts to the wig cap in a horizontal manner.

1.1 Pros of Machine Wigs: 

  • Sheds less
  • Least priced among all wig types (average price 
  • Suitable for photoshoots taken from a distance

1.2 Cons of Machine Wigs: 

  • Not look natural (if you don't handle it well)
  • Not highly breathable
  • Not recommended for alopecia patients 

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  1. Lace Front Wig:

The lace front wig base is made of lace and a wig cap. Lace is from the hairline and usually to the crown of the head. On the cap part, hair is attached by machine, and on the lace part, hair is tied by hand. "Lace closure wig" and "lace frontal wig" fall under this category. 



2.1 Pros of Lace Front Wigs:

  • Breathable more than the machine wig
  • Lighter more than the machine wig
  • Great for styling 
  • Best for fashion photoshoots

2.2 Cons of Lace Front Wigs: 

  • Frequently wearing a lace front wig will damage your hairline (if not applied and removed properly)
  • Shorter life span 
  • Requires extensive care
  • Not suitable for alopecia 
  • More expensive than a machine wig 

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  1. Full Lace Wig

A full lace wig's whole base is made of only lace. Each hair strand on a full lace wig is hand-tied. Because of its features, it provides unmatchable advantages.

3.1 Pros of Full Lace Wigs:

  • Lightweight among all wig types
  • The ultra-realistic wig among all wig types 
  • Provides the highest versatility and flexibility in styling
  • Alopecia friendly wig

3.2 Cons of Full Lace Wigs: 

  • Fragile, need intense care, may need repairing
  • Significantly expensive (more expensive than machine and lace front wig) 



  1. Silk Top Wig 

The silk top, aka silk base wig, has a layer of lace and silk fabric. When hair is hand-tied on lace, the presence of silk fabric ensures that knots are not visible. Therefore, when you part the hair, there will be a scalp-like appearance.

4.1 Pros of Silk Top Wigs:

  • No hassle of bleaching the knots
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Breathable 
  • Most natural partings
  • It lasts longer than lace wigs
  • Less expensive than a full lace wig 

4.2 Cons of Silk Top Wigs:

  • Limited styling option 
  • It requires more work to make it look natural at the hairline 




  1. Medical Grade Wig 

A medical grade wig is also referred to as a cranial prosthesis. These are custom-made, which means specifically for each individual, according to each person's exact specifications of head size and hair.  

5.1 Pros of Medical Grade Wigs: 

  • Specially made for people facing alopecia and hair loss due to cancer
  • Matches your head specification and hair color, texture, and wave
  • No need to use glue.

5.2 Cons of Medical Grade Wigs: 

  • Highly expensive ($2000+)

medical grade wig










6. Difference Between All Wig Types:

Here is the tabular difference between all wig types discussed here.

Wig types

Natural looking?

How long to wear?

When to wear?

Best for alopecia?

Average price

Machine Wig


For short time

Fast fashion style or quick hairstyle change


$100+ to 250+

Lace Front Wig

Yes, more than a machine wig

2 weeks

Most usual option to wear anywhere if applied professionally

No, but best for low-degree hair loss

$175+ to $800+

Full Lace Wig

Yes, more than machine and lace wig

6 weeks

At prestige, high-class events, and fashion shoots


$900+ to $1000+

Silk Top Wig

Yes, but not more than a full lace wig

2 weeks

For fashion photoshoots and daily wear


$550+ to $950+

Medical Grade Wig

Yes, highly realistic

It should be removed daily

Every time, when needed




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