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Priscilla Block and Harper Grace rock KmXtend Hair Extensions at the CMA Awards 2023

The 2023 CMA Music Awards dazzled with a stunning display of country glamour, where stars took the red carpet by storm in a symphony of style. Sequins, fringe, and cowboy boots were the order of the night, as artists pushed the boundaries of fashion with a perfect blend of country chic and contemporary flair. From glitzy gowns to tailored suits, the attendees showcased their individuality while embracing the spirit of Nashville.


The fashion spectacle was not just about the outfits, but also a celebration of the diverse and dynamic personalities within the country music scene. It was a night where every artist looked not just good, but downright amazing, turning the CMT Music Awards into a memorable fashion fiesta.





KmXtend Hair Extensions was worn on 2 beauties including Priscilla Block styled and installed by Chris Bear and also on Harper Grace. 


Priscilla Block CMA Awards 2023


The night before the CMA's were untelevised BMI Awards which Chris Bear also used KmXtend Hair Extensions to create this amazing look for Priscilla Block.