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How To Keep the Blonde Bundles Color Intact

OMG! You have your platinum blonde bundles in your hands. Now, who can stop you from rocking the look you've been wanting for ages? 

But hold on a minute! Before doing anything to those precious light blonde bundles, read this guide.

We've seen women struggling with different products to keep the blonde bundle color like new. But it's easy if you have the right tips. Let's keep your blonde bundles safe. 


blonde bundles

Why Does the Blonde Bundle's Color Fade Out or Turn Brassy?

The reason behind the blonde bundle color fading or turning brassy is the hair is lightened and theyn they are toned. Toner is a formula that removes the undertone in any hair and helps you get the exact shade perfectly. Even the bundles you have were originally blonde; they still need a toner to remove warm essence like red and orange.

Usually, a toner effect on the hair lasts just a few weeks. After that, there'll be a need to tone bundles again. But if you don't care about its color, the bundle's color will turn brassy in a few weeks. 

How To Keep the Blonde Bundles Color Intact?

Wash Blonde Bundles with Cold Water: 

When you wash bundles with hot water, it strips off everything applied to them, including toner. So, wash hair with cold water; it will keep the pores closed and the cuticle layer sealed, which will keep the toner locked in the hair. 

It will not only keep the blonde bundle color intact but also increase the longevity of the hair.


Remove Hard Water Deposits:

If you live in an area with hard water, you should use a treatment like 

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy



  followed by the  Malibu C Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor



Use Purple or Blue Shampoo:

If you still haven't gotten over the curiosity of how purple and blue shampoo work to cancel the brassiness of blonde bundles, we are here to tell. 





When your blonde bundle has yellow tones, you should use purple shampoo because purple and yellow are complementary colors on color wheels that neutralize each other.

Similarly, when you have orange tones in your blonde bundles, use blue shampoo because orange and blue neutralize each other.

Condition Your Hair:

Conditioning is infusing hydration and moisturization into the hair. Conditioner also seals the water hydration in hair. It makes the hair shiny, and the toner lasts longer in the hair, which will make the blond color intact.





Protect Hair from Sun:

We know it's bothersome to hide your luscious blond locks, but if you want to keep bundles last longer, then protect them from the sun. 

The UV rays damage the cuticle, the outermost hair layer, which depletes the toner, hair hydration, and moisturization, making the hair color brassy. 

So, to keep the blonde bundle color intact, apply argan oil or leave-in conditioner before leaving home. If you are going out for a longer period, cover your hair with a scarf, hat, or any item you like. 




Avoid Chlorine:

Chlorine water makes hair more porous which also lets the chlorinated water enter the hair and cause discoloration. To make the toner last longer and avoid the chlorine reaction, rinse your hair with normal water first, so your blonde bundle doesn't absorb chlorinated water. For extra protection, apply leave-in conditioner too before getting into the pool. 

However, you can't underestimate having quality blonde bundles. Quality blonde bundles' color stays intact for up to 8 weeks. You can increase this duration with our listed tips. 



Most importantly, buy your blonde bundles for a high quality hair extensions brand so they hold their blonde. Use the links below. 

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