How to install Tape Hair Extensions –A Step by Step Guide!

How to install Tape Hair Extensions –A Step by Step Guide!

Hair extensions are a great and very popular way of changing up a look. They are a quick and comfortable solution for all those who are not willing to make a major hair styling commitment. Different types of hair extensions deliver different results and benefits, and with that, have a different costs. One of the most common ones, that are budget-friendly is the tape-in hair extensions.

Tape hair extensions are very demanded and they are quite easy to work with. The thing with the tape-in extensions is that the natural hair is sandwiched between two wefts of tape. This is what makes a stronger bond between the extensions and longer-lasting.

The installation is easy and this guide will lead you, step by step through the entire process.

Step 1: Preparation

Preparation is the most important step in the tape-in installation process. Without the hair properly prepped, the extensions might not stick well and fall out.

  1. Start by cleaning all the tools needed for installation.
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Wash the wefts and the hair.
  4. Place the non-weft-facing side of the extensions on the handle of the comb.

Step 2: Section

The next step in the process is sectioning off the hair. Pick a place where you want to start and begin from the bottom. The section should be done with a nice, clean horizontal line, right under the section.

Step 3: Tape

Take the sectioned piece of hair, hold it up, and take the comb with the extension. Put it just in that place. Press the weft in place with the help of fingers. When that is done, comb off the tape.




Step 4: Clip

After the weft comes into place, lift any remaining hair that did not attach to it. Clip them with the rest of the hair. When that is done, you can proceed with the next tape, coming over the section you just did. Make sure everything is lined up.


Step 5: Repeat the process

Installing the tape-in hair extensions to the rest of the hair should start again at step 2, and repeat everything until the entire hair is finished.


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