How to Build Your Hair Extensions Clientele- 5 Essential Steps

How to Build Your Hair Extensions Clientele- 5 Essential Steps

According to a survey, a hair and beauty salon can lose 25% of its clients each year. It shows that attracting and sustaining clients is much more difficult than opening a hair extensions salon. But not to worry, KmXtend has brought the most practical and effective marketing ideas for hair extension salons. So, let's begin. 

5 Essential Steps to Get More Hair Extensions Clients in Your Salon 

Make An Impactful Online Presence 

Commonly, people search for a salon online before booking. This means the impressively you present yourself online hugely impacts people’s decision to choose you or not. 

You can take the below listed few steps for this. 

Set up a website as an online portfolio.

Create an Instagram salon page on a business account. It will create a direct link to your site and have a mixture of content posts and posts showing services and offers to convert lookers into bookers. Using Instagram ads is a quick way to be seen by more people, and it is not a highly expensive way.

Videos are more impactful than images, and for sharing videos, YouTube is a goldmine. It has millions of new users every day. You can show off tutorials and your staff dedicatedly working on clients' hair at the salon. 

Pinterest, a highly growing social platform, is now becoming a search engine. It's everyone's first choice when it comes to taking inspiration and ideas via photos and videos. So, create a Pinterest page to build community and increase chances of ranking high in google searches. A quick way to share posts there is to connect the Pinterest account to your website so you can effortlessly publish on Pinterest, too, when publishing on the website. 

On social media platforms, you can collaborate with influencers to create a more validating effect on the bigger audience, as influencers have tens of thousands of followers. 

Create fun social media content to get a chance of free promotion. Ask your followers to post pictures for you, tag you in stories, and they will win free hair extensions. 

Ask your client to tag you on social media platforms while showing off their hair. Or you and you share ‘before and after’ pictures to highlight the excellence of your salons, but don't forget to ask for permission from clients. 

Showing consistency on all platforms is a guaranteed way to be impactful, valid, and show off care for clients. 

Ask For Reviews  

Bright Local Survey showed that 91% of people between the ages of 18 to 34 read reviews before getting a service. So, we suggest you encourage your clients to leave reviews so you can show them off to gain the people's trust. Yelp and reviews on google are best for this. 

Having positive reviews is free marketing and improves local SEO. 


how to grow your hair extensions clientele

Run Paid Advertisement on Google: 

Among all search engines and platforms, google is handy for searching for anything. And 33% of people click on the first search result, 18% on the second, and this percentage gets lower for low listed search results. Getting ranked number one on google requires consistent hard work and patience. A quick way to get there is by running paid advertisements there. 

Posters In Popular Places:

Print highly professional-looking posters and display them at a place that targets people to become your client. The best way for this is co-marketing with beauty relating to local businesses (like nail salons) for local promotion or cross-promotions.

Offer Referral Discount:

To attract more clients, ask satisfied clients to refer others to get a discount. Offer them a 10% discount for each customer referred by them. It is a quick practical way to get clients that can be long-term. 

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