Hand Tied Extensions Costs- What Makes Them So Expensive?

Hand Tied Extensions Costs- What Makes Them So Expensive?

What makes hand-tied extensions more expensive than the other types?

 Hand-tied extensions have become one of the most required and desired extensions. And there is a reason for that too.


If you've ever had a bad haircut, you understand that growing out hair can be a long and challenging process.  Or, the length may not be the problem but you may have thin hair and wanting that full , thick head of hair.  The fastest and easiest way to make a transformation for the better is to go for the extensions!


There are many different hair extension options and the hand-tied extensions are a preferred choice. What makes them superior to the other types is that they do not damage the hair. This applies both to the installation and the maintenance too. They are also a great way to keep growing the hair too.


The hand-tied extensions look much more natural than the other types of extensions. They are well inserted in the hair that allows putting your hair up in a pony. Still, the extensions will not be visible and everything will look as it is from the natural hair. Another great thing about these extensions is that they do not damage the hair. The care is pretty simple and easy, which is not the case with other extensions where you need to take special care, buy special products and brushes. For the hand-tied extensions, you should use sulfate free shampoos and the conditioner, as well as a heat protectant, hair oil, and any other hair products that are organic and free from sulfates and parabens. With the proper care and use, they can last from 6 to 12 months, which is a pretty big period for hair extensions.

They do not feel heavy on the hair nor the scalp, nor do they itch. That particular lightweight feeling is what makes them so exclusive and even considered a luxurious choice.


All of these benefits contribute to the creation of the price of the hand-tied extensions. Compared to the other extensions, the hand-tied hair extensions are much more expensive because they require a bit more technique to make and install. Additionally, they are made of 100% cuticle intact remy hair and are crafted by hand only, which makes them much longer to manufacture. 


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