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Hair Extensions Created for Powerful Women

She is determined, ambitious, self-aware, willing to look good while she stands strong and achieves new goals. Looking absolutely the best when presenting yourself is a never-ending process. No matter if you are a founder, writer, medical doctor, entrepreneur, realtor, CEO, or anything else, we know that your hair is your crown.

And your crown will look best with the best hair accessory- hair extensions from KmXtend.


You have a lot to cover in your everyday life! This includes business meetings, social media posts, face to face events , and other self promotions that are a vital part of growth.  We can help bring your best confident self with our brand of hair extensions.


It is not always easy being a woman in business, for many reasons.  A massive component to feeling powerful is to do with your confidence. When you feel confident in yourself you give yourself the power to overcome any barrier that you face and you give yourself a better chance of excelling. This also plays a part in your appearance, as your everyday routine can be affected by your confidence, and a lack of it due to how you feel about your appearance can make you underperform. This is why we have created the perfect accessory to make you feel as confident as ever so that you can access your full potential. Here are how our hair extensions can help empower you and have your confidence skyrocket.



We provide you a chance to be creative and experiment with looks that you have always wanted to try and that you feel beautiful in. By trying something new you are highly likely to have a confidence boost, which will help you feel good in everything else that you do. This means that when you are going out to business events and taking part in webinars that you make the best impression possible.


Your hair will also be extremely healthy. As our hair extensions are made up of the best quality materials we guarantee that your hair will feel like the best condition possible.


You can also create a brand new look for yourself. Extensions are great for covering a variety of aspects of your hair that some may consider insecurities. This includes bald spots, hair thinning and straggly ends. By using our hair extensions you can customise your hair to look exactly how you want it to look, such as with more volume or length. By revamping your look you will feel confident and you can go about your day to day life with a fresh mindset, as well as a fresh set of hair.


Our hair extensions are so easy to use, and because we have such a large variety of hair extensions, there will be something that fits in with your time schedule. You could use our clip in hair extensions for a quick hair look or our tape hair extensions for a longer lasting look. This means that you do not have to worry about the stress of taking hours to get ready in the morning, but instead you can spend that time relaxing and focusing on yourself. This means that you are ready to go about your day with a fresh mind and luscious locks of hair which will make you feel empowered.


Overall, our hair extensions are the perfect pick me up that will leave you feeling as confident as ever before. From clip in hair extensions to hand tied extensions, even toppers and wigs, we guarantee that we will have the perfect piece to create your dream look. So when you are busy at conquering the world, our hair extensions will empower you and make you feel as though you can take on anything that the crazy world throws at you.