Best Hand Tied Hair Extensions Brand

Find The Best Hand-tied Hair Extensions Brand Considering These 7 Things

Everyone prefers buying hair extensions online nowadays. But in this case, suppliers usually scam people with low-quality hair with the high shine that fades away in a few washes or gets tangled badly. So, if you ever have a bad experience like this or want the perfect brand for your first purchase, read this guide. We will inform seven things to consider finding the best hair extensions brand.

Look For These 7 Things to Find If It Is the Best Hand tied Hair Extensions Brand:

They Offer What You Are Looking For: 

When you pick a hair extensions brand to judge if they are best, the first thing you should do is to find if they offer the products you're looking for, i.e., hand-tied extensions.

Also, check if they offer the highest quality hair, like cuticle aligned, or remy, hair. If you want extensions to appear full until the ends. Make sure they provide double-drawn hair extensions. Otherwise, the ends will look straggly and tapered off.


If they offer hand-tied extensions, know their reputation among their customers. It means it's time to check the reviews. If the customers have left excellent and trustworthy reviews about the product they got, they are good to pick. 

Furthermore, we suggest searching that brand on social media to see what customers say (about hair extension wearing experience).

Years Of Establishment:

'Years of the establishment' is a factor to consider a hair extension's brand trustworthiness. If they are in the industry for over a longer period, it'll indicate that they consistently provide high-standard services and high quality extensions.  Although, this can’t be the only factor soley. KmXtend Hair Extensions was established in 2020. With only 2 years in the business, but 12+ years in the industry of research and development.

Appropriate Prices:

Choosing brands with high prices to impress is not a good idea. But also choosing a low quality brand just because of a low price point is also not a good idea.   Search for a quality brand's reputation and if they offer what you are looking for at fair prices, try them out.  Some brands may even be willing to offer you a free sample of their hair to test the quality.  Don't avoid a brand just because you think their prices are a bit less of high-end brands, it still may be great quality!

Offer Renowned Payment Gateways: 

Best hair extensions brand offer multiple renowned and safer payment gateway. They prefer doing this to protect their customer's money and privacy. If a brand offer payment ways like MasterCard, Apple pay, Google Pay, Facebook Pay, American Express, VISA, Shop pay, etc., never hesitate to hit the "order" button. But before that, read the below point.

They Have Clear Shipping, Refund, And Return Policy 

It is most important to know that the hair extensions brand you choose must have a clear and published shipping, refund, and return policy. Otherwise, despite offering the best quality products, you can face unpleasant situations from ordering to getting the product in hand. 


Let us save your time by telling you that a brand fulfills these seven factors. The name is KmXtend Hair Extensions, yes, us. 

  • We offer the best hand-tied hair extensions made of remy, cuticle aligned hair that is double-drawn and thick to the ends. The hair is processed through a plant based technology which is a gentle coloring process that keeps the cuticle intact. 
  • Through our established years, we kept our customers very happy with our product and our service. Check our reviews on Google, Facebook and Etsy. We’ve researched the best hair products, origins and manufacturing facilities since 2009 before starting our brand in 2020.
  • We believe in offering high-end products without high-end prices. We keep our overhead costs down so we can pass those savings onto the salon or the end user. We do not store a ton of product and pay for expensive warehouse space. Instead, we keep a certain amount of stock flowing throughout the week which keeps costs low. We also do not require our customers to take expensive courses to purchase from us.
  • Also, we offer all payment gateways listed as safe and renowned.
  • Our shipping, return, and refund is published on the website to avoid confusion or mishap. So, why wait? Go ahead, give it a read and start shopping.  Salons, feel free to reach out by email if you’d like to try a sample of our hair first.


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