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FAQ About Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are quite popular today because they provide fantastic volume and length with minimal damage to your natural hair. There are quite a few questions people keep asking us about hand-tied wefts.

1. Are they long-lasting?

Hand tied hair extensions last between 9-12 months, depending on your care. While most people need to get them moved up by the 7th week, it depends on your hair growth speed.

2. How are hand-tied and tape in extensions different?

Though they are similar in looks, they have their differences. Hand-tied extensions are handmade and not machine-made. They are thus thinner and more natural-looking. While tape in extensions are taped to the hair, hand-tied extensions are sewn in and less damaging to your hair.

3. What’s the maintenance regimen?

It would be best if you move it up every two months, brush your hair two to three times a day with a boar-bristled brush, and use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair. Do not go to bed with wet hair or let your hair roots air dry. Heat protectors are also a must.

4. Do hand-tied wefts hurt or itch?

First-timers may experience some itching for a minute or two after attaching the extensions. There may also be some tension for the first day or two. However, many agree that the itching is more psychological while your head adjusts to having something on the scalp.

5. What are the benefits of hand-tied extensions over the tape in versions?

Hand tied extensions are healthier and more natural and seamless for your hair. Tape-ins are temporary where you have to put them in, take them off every day, and can damage your hair if tied up.

6. How much are hand-tied wefts?

It depends on where you get them, and how much you need. You need to pay more if you need more wefts to create a lot of volumes. Though an investment, they last quite a while with excellent care.

7. Will the wefts match your hair color?

It's your stylist's job to match the extensions to your hair color. So make sure you select someone trained and licensed.

8. How many times can I wash my hair with extensions?

You can wash your hair every 6-7days, and use dry shampoo in between washes. The less it's washed, the longer the life of the extensions.

9. Can I use hand-tied extensions on fine hair?

Yes, you can. However, it's not ideal for thinning hair, hair loss, or severely damaged hair.

These are the 9 frequently asked questions about hand tied extensions people keep asking us. Do reach out if you have anything else to ask!

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