Clip In Hair Extensions HACKS

Clip In Hair Extensions HACKS

What is there not to love about clip in hair extensions? They are easy to use and can be done at home, there’s such a variety to choose from and it saves you the time and effort of getting extensions done at the salon. They are even amazing for a going out look, where you can take them off as soon as you get home. But that being said, it takes a lot of time to make hair extensions look as good as real hair, but we have the best hacks out there to make your extensions look salon quality. Here are our favourite hair extension life hacks.




Wash Your Hair Extensions Before You Wear Them


Much like your own hair, when you wear hair extensions out, they are going to get somewhat dirty and possibly end up looking messy. By washing them with a high quality shampoo or conditioner you can get rid of any leftover dirt and have them looking as good as new in no time. This is also great if you want to switch up the style, and makes them clean and smooth enough to curl/straighten.


Tease Your Hair Before You Apply The Extensions


The last thing you want is for your hair extensions to last a couple of hairs and then become visible. By teasing your hair you ensure that the extensions stay in good quality and last longer. To do this you should divide your hair into sections and then tease each section at the root. By doing this, you will make your hair look fuller, more natural and also super volumized.


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Make Sure You Backcomb


If you want your extensions to stay in place all day long, you are going to need to backcomb. You can do this by separating each section of hair that will be used to clip in the extensions and then backcomb the area. This will make it a lot harder for your extensions to slip out.


Use Dry shampoo


Adding volume and texture to your hair can really help make your clip in extensions last, and one of the best ways to add volume is through dry shampoo. So if you are backcoming or teasing your hair, make sure to dry shampoo the area first.


Blend Together Different Shades


It can be super hard to find the right colour match for you, especially if your hair is balayage or highlighted. But a quick fix for this would be to get two colours that are closest to your original hair colour, and then blend them together to create your desired match.


Tilt Your Extensions


If you tilt the root of the extensions slightly upwards towards your face then you will create a feathered effect. This will appear as though you have a layered cut, and will overall give you a much better blend.


Store Your Hair Extensions Clips Correctly


The worse thing is when you go to put in a pair of hair extensions and they are all tangled up and knotted. Not only does this take time to untangle, but it usually never looks just as good as when you first brought them. This is why storage is key to having your extensions look top quality. If you use a airtight hair storage container, you can ensure that no debris will get into your hair extensions, and they will not get matted.


Style Your Hair


You can style your hair in different ways to make sure you do not show your extensions. An example of this would be dutch braids. You can put in the clips at a angle that blends in with the braids, and then as you work down your hair you can clip in more extensions to add some length, which is much easier to hide.


Overall, there are many ways to make your clip in hair extension game the best it can be. By incorporating a few of these hacks into your hair extension routine, we are sure that they will look better than ever before, and you will not have to worry about them falling out or looking unrealistic. So add these hacks into your hair routine today for your desired look.



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