Clip In Hair Extensions-  Are they the Best Option for a Pandemic?

Clip In Hair Extensions- Are they the Best Option for a Pandemic?

Benefits of clip in hair extensions during the pandemic

The unexpected pandemic that is still going strong and taking its second swing at the population has left a huge impact on the worldwide economy. Many businesses and companies were forced to close their doors, especially the ones that deal with direct client services such as beauty salons, hairstylists, nail bars, makeup studios, etc. The hairstylists were the first ones to close their doors to their customers, to avoid direct contact. However, this was very hard in the first few months, as time passed,    thankfully both the customers and the stylists found out solutions that they could offer their customers during these uncertain times.

From the moment everything went virtual, going to work also meant working from home. Zoom meetings, online conferences, and no physical appearance put the outfits and the makeup and beauty routines of everyone on an easier level, requiring just a bit of touch up. Women with long hair did nothing in particular, they just pulled it up in a pony and they were ready for their online call. However, as the pandemic is still far from over, the need for the women to look good and presentable returned, especially considering their hair.  

With this in mind, many have opted for the quick and relatable solution –  clip in hair extensions.  Clip in hair extensions are not something new. In fact, they are a very popular choice for women who lack the volume, length, and thickness of their hair. Whichever the case, the hair industry offers lots of hair extension types, the hair clips one being the easiest and most practical ones. Especially during times like this, the hair clip-ins comes as an excellent way for women to show off their skills and change of appearance in at-home conditions. The clip-in extensions are not a permanent solution, however, they are an excellent temporary one, which is an excellent choice for delivering a presentable and neat online look. They have detached clips that instantly adds the desired look. For those looking for length, the clip-ins are a quick solution for long hair. For those lacking volume, they easily add the graciousness of the vivid hair you have always wanted.

Since we do not quite know how long the pandemic will last, KmXtend Hair extensions offer you the hair clip-ins options, which are the suggested and good choice for upgrading your professional online look. It will present you on a whole new level, as a businesswoman who takes care of herself even in these times.

KmXtend offers 2 clip in hair extensions options. For those looking to save on pricing but still look great, the Brazilian clip in hair extensions will be best. The Brazilian line is still high quality double drawn remy hair extensions that can last 6-12  months with proper care. 

Our Luxury line clip in hair extensions work well for our model clientele and those that are used to a high end hair extension product but choosing to go more temporary this time around. This hair is made from our same professional hair used in our luxury professional line for the hand tied, tape and other permanent methods. They are a little more costly but can last up to 24 months and are silky soft to die for quality. Plus, these are customizable and we can create the look you want with this type of hair. 

We offer our clip in hair extensions to salons at a wholesale cost. Email us for a quote. 

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