Change Your Hand-tied Hair Extension Supplier If You Notice These 3 Things.

Change Your Hand-tied Hair Extension Supplier If You Notice These 3 Things.

Change Your Hand-tied Hair Extension Supplier If You Notice These 3 Things.

Usually, in the beginning, with any hand-tied hair extensions supplier, every step from ordering to delivery remains smooth. But as time passes, you might not be as happy with their supply as you were before. It's time you consider their supply service and notice the 3 things we will share in this article. If any of these happens, change your hand-tied hair extensions applier right away to retain your customers. Let's start!

Change Your Hand-tied Hair Extension Supplier If You Notice These 3 Things.

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First - Inferior & Inconsistent Quality: 

Inferior quality means your supplier sends you low-quality hand-tied extensions, and customers would like to switch to high-quality ones as their income increases. 

To find this out, check out your competency in a similar market. Make sure your offered products are so good and of superior quality that no matter how much your customers' income increases, you will still be their favorite. 

The next thing is inconsistent quality. If you receive your customers' messages stating what happened to the extensions' quality suddenly, or all hand-tied extensions are good, one is so lousy; then you are facing inconsistent quality problem. 

Inferior and insufficient quality supply will lower the customer's trust in your business, even make you lose returning customers, and will not attract new customers.

We, the KmXtend, have overcome all of this.  On the road to becoming the best hand-tied extension supplier, we are already focused on each manufacturing detail of hand-tied extensions; this will help your business grow.  And, if you do experience a manufacturing defect, we are here to help make it right.

Second - Poor Customer Service:

You, as a business, must want particular attention from your supplier for professional guidance, to convey your product modification ideas, or to provide product feedback. Not having a personalized response from your supplier is a huge sign there's no point in continuing with the current supplier. 

We aim to be the best quality hand-tied extension supplier and understand the importance of personalized response. We provide professional guidance and insights and believe in progressive ideas and discussion. An engaging, quick, personalized response is a way of showing our loyalty.



Third - Outrageous Prices

Larger brands usually means more overhead expenses. More overhead expenses for the brand means higher pricing for the stylist. Are you getting better quality or more value in other ways with the pricing of hair 2-3X the amount you may get from a small indpendent brand?  Consider this when selecting your hair supplier. KmXtend offers high end products and we have low overhead expenses- which means we can pss these savings onto you. 

To sum it up:

Inferior & inconsistent quality, poor customer service, are critical things that can ruin your hand-tied extension-related business and peace of mind. On the other hand, a supplier may have excellent products and service but is the price point worth it? Look for a brand that can offer high end products, superior customer service and low pricing so that you can pass those savings onto your client. 

And we have covered all the hand-tied extensions supplier problems that can insecure your business. So, what are you waiting for? Don't waste another minute; say "Hi," and we are ready to become your best quality hand-tied extension supplier!

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