Can you Swim with Tape In Hair Extensions?

Can you Swim with Tape In Hair Extensions?

Who can hold themselves back from swimming in the summer? If you love swimming and enjoy wearing tape-in extensions, you might wonder if you can swim with tape-in extensions.

Yes, these two, swimming and tape-in hair extensions, are not compatible with each other. But cheer up! We won't let you miss out on any fun. This article will tell you how to swim with tape extensions without damaging them. 

Problems with going swimming with tape-in extensions:

Wearing tape-in extensions while swimming can lead to potential problems such as tangling, matting, discoloration, and damage due to chlorine, saltwater, and other chemicals in the water. Additionally, the adhesive used to secure the extensions may loosen, causing them to fall out or misplace. Furthermore, it also dries out the hair, making it appear brittle and lifeless

Tape-in extensions care before swimming:

First, you have to wait 48 hours after application for the glue on the tapes to dry and adhere to its place fully. 

When you plan to swim, wet your detangled hair completely, and your hair will absorb the fresh water; then chlorine and salt water can't get absorbed as the hair is already damp. 

Then apply oil or leave-in conditioner; it will act as a barrier on hair and don't allow chlorine or salted water to seep into extensions.  

Tie your hair in a loose braid or make a ponytail at the nape. Controlled movement in the hair will prevent extreme tangles, and it keeps the hair in place when you toss or move freely while swimming. It will make your hair easier to manage after enjoyment.


Can you swim with tape hair extensions?


During Swimming:

When swimming, we don't recommend wearing tight swimming caps or goggles. It can pull or displace the tape-in extensions.



Tape-in extensions care after swimming:

Rinse your tape-ins right after getting out of chlorine or salt water. 

Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash away any impurities and chemicals. 

Use a wet or dry detangling brush depending on the hair texture of the tape-ins. If the extension's texture is curly, use a wet detangling brush to retain its pattern when it is still wet. Otherwise, use a dry detangling brush upon drying extensions. 

A leave-in conditioner is a must to give tape-ins a nourished look. 

Please don't use a hair dryer until the extensions are naturally dried to avoid damage to their bonds. 

The Hot Discussion: Ladies! You complain about your extensions’ discoloration in summer; it can also be due to sunscreen other than chlorine or salt water. The above care process will also save your extensions from sunscreen discoloration. 

With this accurate basic knowledge, you can keep your extensions long-lasting and easy to manage during the swimming season. 

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