Beachy Waves Hair Extensions 2021 Trends

Biggest 2021 Hair Extension Trends of the Year


Styling the hair can be quite a challenge for those who are not very skilled in using different hair styling tools. But, it can also be a bore if your hair is not in the condition and the length you want it to be. Growing out strong and beautiful hair is a long-term process. And, no matter how much you try to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, the final result is far from satisfying.

With hair extensions, as one of the most demanded and convenient choices for transforming a hairstyle, come the biggest hair extension trends for 2021. The center focus on the hair trends for 2021 is long hair, so with the KmXtend Hair Extensions extensions, you will easily nail them:

 1970s long cut

The 70s were the times when all the girls and women wore the same hairstyle. Inspired by those times,  2021 brings back this retro vibe. In particular, the long cut is present in a soft and feathery version, providing a fluffy look. The best styling for 2021 comes with the addition of the hair extension to the sides, which allows the hair to be parted in the middle. The soft waves will add to the texture.

Long and layered cut

The long and layered cut is always a popular hairstyling choice. It is the look that JLo flaunted back in the 2000s. Now, it is coming back in a refreshed version. It asks for a greater texture, adding few blonde highlights that will accentuate the layering and the length. And all of that with the hair extensions.

Big and bouncy curls

Whether you have naturally curly hair or not, that is not the issue when you have suitable hair extensions by your side. The new trend of 2021 puts the tiny and dense curls as a great look and choice for long hair extensions. Vivid, bold, and seductive, the curls fall from everywhere, making the hair look big and voluminous, without showing off your extensions.

Beach waves

One of the looks that never go out of style is the beach waves. The soft and interesting waves are an option that you can wear throughout the entire year. Styling these beach waves is much simpler on the extensions that will keep those bouncy waves untacked for quite some time. You can also add some extensions in lighter colors to add to the texture and defining of the hairstyle.

Achieving any of these looks is possible with either tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, hand tied hair extensions, machine weft extenstion, i tip extensions or even keratin tip extensions. The method of application is the clients preference. 



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