Are Genius Wefts Damaging? Why You Don't Want to Miss This Type

Are Genius Wefts Damaging? Why You Don't Want to Miss This Type

The genius weft, which contains the benefits of both hand-tied and machine wefts, has become highly sought after. It is designed to minimize the damage to natural hair and scalp when applied and removed correctly. But what is making genius weft so less damaging? Let's find out!

How Are Genius Wefts Not Damaging?

Distributed Weight:

Genius wefts have the specialty of distributing the weight evenly, which reduces the tension on the hair and the roots. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of hair issues like hair breakage and sore spots and maintains the health and integrity of natural hair. 

Lightweight Design:

Genius Weft is manufactured with lightweight materials. Though there's a balanced weight distribution, this feature ensures that distributed weight is not heavy for natural hair. It enhances comfort and reduces strain on natural hair.

Adhesive Free Installation:

Unlike some other types of extensions, Genius Weft hair extensions are installed using either micro-rings or sew-in methods, which do not involve the use of adhesive or heat. Adhesive-free installation eliminates the potential damage caused by harsh glues or heat application. This gentle installation process ensures that your natural hair remains healthy and undamaged during and after the installation.

No "Return Hair":

Genius wefts are explicitly designed with no return hair. "Return hair" is the shorter hair at the top of the weft. It causes matting at the roots and irritates and itches the sensitive scalp. This feature guarantees a hassle-free experience for everyone. 

Better Scalp Health:

When genius wefts are correctly installed and maintained, it allows good airflow to the scalp. It creates a healthy scalp environment, reducing the risk of issues like dandruff, build-up, dryness, and suffocation that cause itchiness.  

Short-term Wear:

Wearing any hair extensions for an extended period can lead to tangling, matting, or tension on your natural hair, potentially causing damage. Therefore, genius wefts are not damaging because they're not made for long-term wear. 

Love Versatility? 

Genius Weft has got you covered. From flowing curls to sleek straightness, these extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, eliminating the need for excessive heat styling and protecting your strands.

Comparatively Low Damage:

Compared to other types of extensions, they stand out as one of the gentlest options available. With features like distributed weight, lightweight design, adhesive-free installation, no return hair, improved scalp health, and short-term wear, they prioritize the health of your natural hair. 


What Can You Do To Ensure Genius Weft Stay Damage Free?

Individual Hair Care Routine:

Your individual hair care routine and maintenance practices significantly prevent damage with Genius Weft hair extensions. Following the recommended care instructions, using appropriate hair products, and avoiding excessive heat styling or harsh chemicals will help keep both your natural hair and extensions healthy.

Skill and Experience of the Stylist:

The skill and experience of the stylist who installs and maintains your Genius Weft hair extensions are vital factors. A qualified and experienced stylist will have the knowledge to assess your hair condition, recommend the appropriate installation method, and ensure proper placement of the wefts to minimize damage.

So, why wait? Unlock the potential of Genius Weft and enjoy the hair transformation you've been dreaming of. It's time to embrace a new era of hair extensions—one that keeps your locks looking fabulous while maintaining their health and vitality. Explore Genius Wefts here!

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