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A Compete Guide to Hand Tied Hair Extensions- Are They the Right Extensions for You?


When it comes to hairstyles and different trends, there is always something to look for in the new year. Season after season, the hair industry has introduced different trends that have been quite popular and dominant for a long time. From different cuts, styling, and coloring techniques to extensions, there has been a variety of options for all those who were looking to add some change to their look.


Speaking of extensions, they have been and still are a very demanded addition and service in the hairstyling industry. They are a very convenient choice for all those looking to add some special vibe into the look of their hairstyles, especially accenting the length, thickness, and volume. This need for improving the look of the hair has been a great motivation for the hairstyling industry to invent and develop different types of hair extensions. Some available only at the saloons, some ready for home use, there is pretty much for everyone who is looking to try out the hair extensions.


One particular type of hair extension that stands out is the hand-tied extensions also knows as a technique of natural beaded rows extensions. To better understand the purpose and the results of the hand-tied extensions, here is a detailed guide and everything you need to know about them.


What are hand-tied extensions?


The hand-tied hair extensions are a special hair styling technique done at specialized hair salons. The certified hair specialist attaches beads onto a row of the customer's natural hair, all that done manually by hand-tying it. This is done with threads made of nylon or cotton. With the hand tied hair extensions, the final result is achieving hair density and hair length, and all of that results from the amounts of beads and wefts that are used in the process and tied into the hair. Another important thing that contributes to the final look is the quality of the hair onto which the extensions are tied in. The quality also determines how much time the process will last. This technique is unique in the application, which makes the final look pretty different and noticeable from the other techniques like clip-ins, sew-ins, and tape-ins. 


Do hand-tied extension work for any hair type?


Just like any extension, the final look much depends on a person's quality and state of the hair. Overall and in general, the hand-tied extension work for all hair types. The best looks come to those who have straight or wavy hair. This is due to the fact that with these hair types, the beads lay flatter against the head and the detangling is much easier done nearer to the root. They are comfortable for wearing and the feeling is like you are wearing your own hair. For the persons with curly hair, the general recommendation falls on getting extensions with a sewn-in method. 


Does the process of adding hand-tied extensions hurt?


Although dealing with hair can sometimes be painful, this process is painless. It is always recommended that it is done by a professional who is an expert in this area. Although it is not painful at all, the person wearing the hand-tied extensions might feel slight discomfort in the first days while the extensions adjust and the natural hair accepts the extra weight. It is very important to know and feel the difference between adjusting to the extensions and actual discomfort from a possible problem. 


What types of discomfort should I expect?


As mentioned above, mild discomfort can be expected in the first few days after the installation of the extensions. This can include scalp sensitivity to the new weight, as well as to the attachment method. IF the attachment method is done by fixing the extension too tight, the scalp will feel that. It is mild discomfort that will do away in a few days and it is something to be expected. Many describe the feeling similar to having the hair braided with some new technique. However, if that mild discomfort does not go away, and you start feeling pain, the reason might be poor fitting installation. In those cases, you need to go back to the hair salon or seek another opinion or solution. 


How should I take care of my hand-tied extensions?


Good maintenance and taking care of your extensions is essential in getting the most out of them. This means that the hair should be washed with care, particularly using hydrating, moisturizing, and high-quality shampoo and conditioner that will nurture the hair. The composition and the list of the ingredients in the hair care products you use are also very important. Always look for the alcohol-free ones and that will not damage the hair extension as well as your hair. Another important and suggested tip is to braid your hair or put it in a light ponytail when sleeping which will prevent it from tangling. 

Also, keep in mind that the hair extensions, no matter how great the quality, are not getting the oils from your head like your normal hair does. Use a nice hair oil to keep the moisture in your extensions like OUAI Hair Oil

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Another highly recommended product line to care for your extensions the way that many celebrity stylists, like Chris Appleton uses, is with the Color Wow system.

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What is the upkeep time for the hand-tied extensions?


The entire process of upkeep consists of two parts – pushups and weft replacements. Most commonly, the hand-tied extension needs to be pushed up every six to nine weeks. Doing that is important because it ensures there is not too much tension in your hair. The wefts need to be replaced once a year because they might be damaged, start to show up, lose in their volume, and show discoloration. 


What is the price for doing hand-tied extensions?


The price of the hand-tied extensions depends on the result and the look you want to achieve. The cost of hand-tied weft extensions varies on the type of hair selected and the number of rows you choose to have. The approximate price is $300 - $800 dollars ( depending on the length and grams you need) for the hair and then additional for the installation.  


KmXtend offers handtied hair extensions wholesale to salons and retail to consumers to take to a professional salon for installation. If you're interested in wholesale hand tied hair extensions, please email info@kmxtend.com 




If you were wondering whether to get hand-tied extensions or not, we hope that this guide has helped you with the choice.