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6 Common Questions About K-Tips Extensions That Every Beginner Should Know Answers To

Are you recently hearing about K-Tips extensions but don't know what exactly it is? If yes, keep reading. First of all, let us tell you K-Tips extensions, a.k.a. Keratin Extensions, are the most ultra-natural-looking extensions to date to add volume to the hair. 

To give our beloved readers the exact information they need as beginners, we have gathered the most asked questions about K-Tips extensions. So, let's start.




  1. What Are K-Tip Extensions and How Stylists Install Them?

K-Tips are the individual extensions. There is keratin material at its tips that are safely melted to install with natural hair via a heating tool. Stylists perform this strand-by-strand application strategically in rows that stay hidden with natural hair above it.

  1. How Long Do K-Tip Extensions Last?

K-tips extensions last 12 to 14 weeks (2 to 3 months). However, the lasting period depends on how well you follow the aftercare guide for K-tips extensions. 

Removing and reapplying K-tips extensions depends on the growth of your hair. The longest it can stay applied is four months. You should remove K-Tip extensions once every four months for reapplication due to grow out.

  1. Are K-Tip Extensions Damaging?

As you read above, K-tips extensions have keratin tips. These keratin tips contain similar proteins found in hair. So, these are not damaging in installation. 

However, K-tips extensions can severely damage your hair if someone installs them for a longer period and let the product build up. Moreover, if you do not take a break from K-Tip extensions' installation, its constant heaviness for months and months can weaken roots and increase hair breakage.

  1. Can You Feel K-Tip Extensions?

The bonds created in installing K-Tip extensions are the tiniest. These are visually undetectable and physically comfortable. When flipping hair, no one detects that K-Tip extensions are there, and you feel nothing hurtful when placing your head on the pillow.

  1. Does K-Tip Installation Limit You Make A Few Hairstyles?

No, it won't. You can make any up hairstyles other than down hairstyles, i.e., high ponytail or topknot. It will give you the ultimate versatility in making hairstyles while installation stays hidden. 


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  1. How Do Stylists Remove K-Tip Extensions?

In salons, stylists have K-Tip extension remover in liquid form. They apply it to each bond that loosens the bonds of the K-Tip extensions. The stylist will then take pliers and loosen the bond more until the  extensions fall off.

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