2022 hair trends

2022 Hair Trends Outlook

Ringing in the new year can start with a new hair look. Changing a hairstyle, color, or doing just a minimal touch-up can deliver fabulous results. Experimenting with hair has never been easier. The hair extensions, wigs, the variety of hair products, the abundance of styling choices and trends are just a reach away from you. So, if you are willing to make a significant or a minor hairstyle change, start with something trendy and in.


The outlook 2022 hair trends are pretty carried and colorful, so here are some inspirational suggestions that might help you pick your favorite hairstyle.


Mid-length bob haircuts


Although the bob has never gotten out of style, 2022 predicts that particularly this haircut is what will be most demanded by the hairstylists. And the reason for that is the variety of looks and styling options it provides. The mid-length bob is longer than the short bob, but it is shorter than the long bob, which makes it a great option for those who want something chic and trendy.  Try one of our KmXtend bob wigs.


‘90s layers


The long '90s layers are one of the styles that will be making a comeback in 2022. A layered haircut style is an excellent option for adding volume, movement, and shape. It also frames the face, making it look elongated and accentuated. It can easily be achieved with a regular haircut, or with the addition of tape hair extensions extensions. Opt for the seamless invisible tape hair extensions for an even more discreet look.  

Effortless curls


The effortless curls will be a top pick for many, particularly for the thing that this is a hairstyle that you can wear constantly if you have hair extensions. With a hot tool, you can style your extensions to the level of curliness you like, and flaunt them like your go-to hairstyle. Retro curly, afro curls, or even soft curl – it is all possible!


Long and sleek strands


If you thought that this trend only referred to women with natural long hair, you are wrong. The long and sleek strands hair trend is the one that actually refers to the trend of adding long hair extension- and that middle part!   Styling them with a hair straightener, making them look extra sleek, is the look that provides an elegant, modern, and stylish look. 


One-dimensional color


The highlights, ombre, sombre, and balayage have long dominated the hairstyling scene. This year, they are giving the reigns of the one-dimension solid color. The 2022 trends suggest going with soft black, subtle chocolate brown, or warm ginger instead of the above-mentioned coloring techniques.

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