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Best Hair Extensions & Lashes!

Best Hair Extensions & Lashes

KM Xtend

KmXtend knows that hair extensions have been around for a long time indeed, most women who have used them know that their quality can be hit-and miss. These women usually rely on their salons to provide them with hair extensions which help them achieve that "just right" look; but of course, the salons are limited by the quality of the wholesale hair extensions which they are able to secure through their suppliers. Salons and consumers can get frustrated by finding quality and affordable together. It's hard, after all to sell anything when you can't be exactly sure of the quality of the goods on a consistent basis. Plus if you find a company with a really great quality product, it's usually unaffordable.

Founder Statement

Founder Statement

KmXtend's entry into the wholesale hair extension market, saying: "We were hearing a lot of salon owners who offer hair extension services tell us that the quality of the wholesale hair extension available to them was so inconsistent that they almost felt uncomfortable offering to their customers; they were looking for a better option".

We saw a demand on the part of the salons for top of the line wholesale hair extensions and created a solution for them and also sell to the consumers so they have salon quality hair extensions for their use also. We also knew that there were a lot of women out there who wanted something better than was currently available to them; we decided to make our products available to salons at wholesale and fill the need to them and also direct to consumers".

KmXtend is a company that is well aware of how seriously people take their hair extensions and shows its commitment to providing their wholesale hair extension products to salons, offering incredibly favorable terms to salon owners. "The product is aimed at professionals who provide hair extension services, so we don't require the salon's owners or employees to take expensive classes to learn the product - these are people who know their trade.

Our extensions are made from 100% human hair and use keratin tips, quality tape and quality workmanship goes into the products, something any consumer or salon owner will be glad to hear.

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