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Tape Hair Extensions are one of the most preferred choices for professional uses all around the world. Soft and incredibly smooth, tape hair extensions are utilized by experienced hairstylists to provide natural-looking results while increasing volume and length. Quick to use and apply, this type of extension is super easy to maintain and wash, guaranteeing high wearability and reusability. 

At KmXtend Hair Extensions, we provide professional salon-grade tape hair extensions by following our deluxe standards and high-quality service. With many in-stock sizes and shades, KmXtend’s extensions provide an invisible and unique result for every single haircuts and colors while improving your own look. Simple to remove and extremely comfortable to wear, our tape hair extensions are the best solution if you’re looking for versatility without having to renounce to high-standards. 

Each pack comes with 50 grams of hair and 20 pieces, which is enough for half head. To add length and fullness to the whole head, you’ll need 2-3 packs, depending on the thickness of your hair. 

Check out KmXtend’s selection or request a set of Tape Hair Extension that we can exclusively design for your needs. Please, remember to specify your color requirements if choosing the custom option. Write us at: info@kmxtend.com or live chat. 

For custom orders, it will take up to 2.5 weeks for delivery. On the other hand, in-stock extensions will arrive in approximately a week. 

Wanted to know all our color options? Have a look at our color ring page and choose now the style that suits you more! 


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