Pros Of I-Tip Extensions + 3 Critical Cons

Pros Of I-Tip Extensions + 3 Critical Cons

I-Tip extensions are taking over the industry because of their attractive benefits. For example, one can easily access the scalp when these are installed. Moreover, I-Tip extensions offer balayage, root drag, and highlight effects with a mix of several shades without using dye on your bio hair. Other than the advantages that make I-Tip superior, it has some critical disadvantages too that everyone should be aware of.

If you are considering I-Tip extensions, read this guide first. You will know whether the I-Tip extension is a good fit for you. So, let's start!

Pros Of I-Tip Extensions + 3 Critical Cons





Pros Of I-Tip Extensions:

If a woman's hair is fine (short and thin), she will not be confident in installing any hair extensions because these are heavy and lead to hair fall, or installation will be visible. 

But this is not the case with I-Tip extensions. Each I-Tip extension consists of a smaller hair section; it will not exert force on hair roots and make hair fall out. Also, the tip is tiny, so it will not be visible on fine hair no matter how you move it.

I-Tip extensions are a great alternative to hot fusion, or it belongs to cold fusion. It means no heat and glue is applied to your hair to install I-Tip extensions, unlike U-Tip extensions. I-Tip extensions are applied with beads and nano-rings.

I-Tip extensions application takes less than 3 to 4 hours, unlike U-Tip extensions.

The cold fusion method that the I-Tip extension uses makes it super safe for hair.

The nano rings or beads come in different colors, and using the suitable ones makes the I-Tip extension's installation invisible

I-Tip extensions are an economical option because you can reuse them multiple times. For extensions that would slide down from the hair, a hair technician can reapply it in an hour without any damaging or complicated process.

Other than the installation, I-Tip extension removal is so quick and easy. Just press the bead/micro-ring with a plier from the sides, and the extensions will come off smoothly, but should be done by a professional.


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3 Critical Cons Of I-Tip Extensions

I-Tip extensions can be itchy or uncomfortable for the first two weeks of installation.

I-Tip extension maintenance is  a little complicated. You have to be careful when washing your hair with I-Tip extensions installation. When you approach the bead, massage around it gently; avoid tugging and scratching. It will require more time. Also, never brush on beads

If you are a beginner and don't know enough, the wrong installation or removal of I-Tip extensions can cause hair breakage. Always allow a hair extensions professional remove I tip extensions .



To sum it up


If you get poor-quality I-Tip extensions, you will encounter more cons than pros. So, to enjoy the benefits of them, find the best I-Tip extensions supplier. Let us save you time in that search. We, KmXtend, are here with luxury I-Tip extensions and a high customer satisfaction rate; click here for all info about our I-Tip extensions

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