5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Brazilian Hair Bundles

Have you heard a lot about Brazilian hair excellence? If it makes you desperate to purchase Brazilian hair bundles, then this article is a must-read for you. Here, we are going to talk about things you must consider before buying Brazilian hair bundles, and you will know whether it will suit your African American hair or not. So, let’s start.

About Brazilian Hair and Its Features:

Let’s know about Brazilian hair first.

Brazilian hair is collected from Brazilians living in different regions. We explain its features here to know what you can expect from Brazilian hair.

Brazilian hair has a luster with a beautiful natural texture. The glossy shine in it is not extreme. It means you will have realistic-looking hair. 

Brazilian hair is durable, voluminous, coarse, and thick. Therefore, besides offering a longer lifespan, you don’t need to apply many bundles to cover your head.

Brazilian hair is soft and best in holding curly hairstyles. 

High-quality Brazilian hair is frizz-free and can be dyed to any color.

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Brazilian Hair Bundles

  1. Note the Texture of Hair

Besides buying quality Brazilian hair bundles, check before purchasing its texture to match your natural hair. Otherwise, it won’t create the illusion that all hair on your head is yours or coming out of your scalp. Also, choosing the right texture will compliment your physical features.

  1. Estimate the Number of Brazilian Hair Bundles You Need:

Before purchasing Brazilian hair, estimate the number of bundles you need and order them at a time. The rule of thumb is the longer your hair, the more bundles you’ll need because longer extensions support thinner densities. For example, if you want hair 28 inches longer or more than that, you’ll need 3 to 5 bundles. Ordering it at once will ensure all of the bundles will be identical.

  1. Make Sure Wefts Are Strong: 

Before you click “order,” make sure that Brazilian hair bundles’ wefts are machine-made double stitch wefts. It will be more durable than hand-tied wefts.

  1. Choose Raw Hair: 

Let us tell you one thing, be aware of hair grades. They have different meanings in every brand. So, instead of it, look for the terms that guarantee that make you get the highest quality hair, like “raw hair.” 

Raw hair is the highest quality among all hair types and categories. It is collected directly from a single donor’s head and is 100% unprocessed. So, the cuticles are intact and in the same direction. Therefore, raw Brazilian hair bundles are less likely to tangle or become lifeless.  

  1. Choose the Best Supplier: 

When are purchasing Brazilian hair, you want everything perfect, from packaging to each strand of bundles. Above all, for real Brazilian hair, you need to buy from a trusted supplier like us, the KmXtend. Our customer satisfaction is admiring, and they keep coming back because we deliver everything top-notch. We offer double-stitched machine-made Raw Brazilian hair that is your favorite. So why wait? Check out our Brazilian hair bundles.

Is Brazilian Hair a Good Choice for African American Hair?

As you read above, the Brazilian hair texture is thick, full, and coarse. It makes the Brazilian hair mix or blend with African American hair types exceptionally nicely. So, of course, Brazilian hair is a good choice for African American hair.